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Have iPod Touch, Will Travel

July 26, 2010 1 comment

Reader JB is soon to travel overseas with three children and wonders how to keep them entertained for the long haul flights, without the added worry of extra baggage and lost game cartridges.

Having given this some thought, and having consulted with The Auntie Who Thinks of Everything, I believe this to be the solution:

Exhibit A is an iPod Touch, in a flip-case, attached to a comfy fluffy laynard and with a zippered purse attached containing earphones. No game cartridges, just downloaded applications. No lost earphones. No misplaced iPod. Music, games and educational apps all in one place. How’s that?

The laynard and case came from a mobile phone accessory store, and the purse I already had from a kids’ lip balm set (but zippered coin purses can be bought just about anywhere).

Enjoy your trip, JB! Hope this helps.


I forgot to mention, that the way to get two people using one iPod Touch, is to buy earphones with the capacity to plug in a friend’s earphones (such as the ones in the photo, bought from Target). Alternatively, you can buy an adaptor such as the one from Smiggle (“Heart Hub“) which allows two single user earphones to be connected.

While I’m at it, check out the new app, “Baby Animals”. It’s great for kids of all ages (adapt its use accordingly). It has pictures of every animal you can think of and quizzes and information about them all. Great for long trips and school projects … and long waits in doctors’ surgeries ….

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Road Test: Beach Cozzie for Kids

Finally, a long sleeve after-swimming cover-up for kids … Brisbane mum, Sam Rawlings, started making these little beauties for her own children and was swamped with people asking where she’d got them from. Now, she’s taking orders and making them for other mini people. My order was custom-made and turned around in a week. If you’re interested, I wouldn’t recommend leaving your order too long though, as Sam is just launching this business and it’s already taking off.

I love to support local go-get-em people, especially when they use Australian products and labour. These Cozzies are well-made, with lovely trim and no scratchy bits. They cost $45 and look great. I can’t believe no-one else has made them in long sleeves, given all our sun-safe messages.

I credit this lovely find to the wonderful Auntie Who Thinks of Everything.

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Road Test: Coco Crush & Coat Magic for pampered pooches

July 9, 2010 2 comments

Loving thy pooch doesn’t mean putting up with doggie odour and lots of knots. Last week, I reviewed a product for cats. Dog-lovin’ readers are demanding equal time. So here goes …

Yours Truly is often asked to share Elvis’ style secrets – Elvis, the Shih-Tzu Poodle cross, affectionately referred to as the Shitoodle, that is. The resemblance to Presley is admittedly only fleeting, when the dog is sporting big hair. In his party glasses, he probably looks more like Elvis Costello.

Elvis goes to Animal House professional grooming every two months and it is there that we discovered the summer-inspired bliss-in-a-bottle, Coco Crush. It’s a non-irritating pump spray that smells so good that you have to know when to stop spraying (and be mindful not to spray oneself…all over). It takes one away to a beach in the 1980s, when everyone was soaked in coconut tanning oil. Cousin Basil, the Jack Russell, also enjoys more invitations onto the couch since borrowing Elvis’ cologne.

The other product is for coat care and knots – Coat Magic, no less. It speaks for itself.

For those in the Brisbane area, John and Janet do a wonderful job with the pooches. Elvis LOVES going there. For those pooches who aren’t local, try some of the products. Now, where did that bottle go….

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Road Test: Litter Kwitter – 100,000 cats can’t be wrong

Imagine 100,000 cats all agreeing on one thing. According to the marketing for Litter Kwitter, that many cats are already lining up with the rest of the family, to use the bathroom in the morning. And evening. And in between. Just like in the movie franchise, “Meet the Fockers”. Except non-Hollywood cats don’t flush.

The Auntie Who Thinks of Everything introduced Yours Truly to this ingenious device today. It would be unfair of me to not share this new insight into what your cat could do, if it could be bothered.

There are 3 stages of red, amber and green, after which, the most competent of cats can use your toilet without the product at all. This is great stuff for people with indoor cats – no more litter and theoretically, no more mess – except when the toilet’s otherwise occupied or the two-legged servants forget to put the cat-seat down … That’s when one notices the “cat” in “catastrophe”.

Nonetheless, Auntie is very impressed with the product, as is her three month old, almost-hairless Devon Rex “Pom Pom Sparkle” (that’s what you get when you let your four year old choose the name).

Happily, given his lack of hair, PPS has no problems with dingleberries. Yours Truly has not yet interviewed any long-haired Persians and unfortunately, a certain 13 year old Bombay Black showed me her exclamation mark when I tried to discuss toileting. Apparently, old cats can be taught to use the apparatus, but mine likes the feel of the wind in her fluff …

Claws up. This product rocks.

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