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Road Test: Litter Kwitter – 100,000 cats can’t be wrong

Imagine 100,000 cats all agreeing on one thing. According to the marketing for Litter Kwitter, that many cats are already lining up with the rest of the family, to use the bathroom in the morning. And evening. And in between. Just like in the movie franchise, “Meet the Fockers”. Except non-Hollywood cats don’t flush.

The Auntie Who Thinks of Everything introduced Yours Truly to this ingenious device today. It would be unfair of me to not share this new insight into what your cat could do, if it could be bothered.

There are 3 stages of red, amber and green, after which, the most competent of cats can use your toilet without the product at all. This is great stuff for people with indoor cats – no more litter and theoretically, no more mess – except when the toilet’s otherwise occupied or the two-legged servants forget to put the cat-seat down … That’s when one notices the “cat” in “catastrophe”.

Nonetheless, Auntie is very impressed with the product, as is her three month old, almost-hairless Devon Rex “Pom Pom Sparkle” (that’s what you get when you let your four year old choose the name).

Happily, given his lack of hair, PPS has no problems with dingleberries. Yours Truly has not yet interviewed any long-haired Persians and unfortunately, a certain 13 year old Bombay Black showed me her exclamation mark when I tried to discuss toileting. Apparently, old cats can be taught to use the apparatus, but mine likes the feel of the wind in her fluff …

Claws up. This product rocks.

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