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Bridesmaids: movie review

July 3, 2011 4 comments

Funniest movie of the year?

Bridesmaids was a great movie; unexpectedly so. I was anticipating Hollywood same-same, but what I saw was a more mature (and simultaneously, immature) group of fantastic comedy actors blitz a script and win over a cinema full of women. I counted only seven men in the audience. The humour was face-splittingly good (although, I would issue a warning about course language and crunchy blankets… Don’t take your son with you to see it. Might be awkward.)

So, what do you do when your life is falling apart, romantic relationships seem hopeless and your best friend gets engaged and asks you to be maid of honour? What happens when you’re thrust onto a bridal party of people you don’t know, who seem alarmingly weird (the bride’s future sister-in-law), competitive in a sociopathic way (the bride’s other, newer bestie) and are otherwise wrongly-wired in a more harmless way? Well? Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Wendi McLendon-Covey and Ellie Kemper made for the funniest bridal party.

I, for one, have been on such a bridal party (although, they weren’t intentionally funny). I’d bonded to the best of my abilities with people I’d never otherwise come across in life, through strip shows and arguments over dresses, heels, hair and makeup. The movie allowed me to laugh about it, in retrospect. Call it therapy. Every girl should go through it. It’s character building.

Annie (Kirsten Wiig), is asked to be Lillian’s (Maya Rudolph) maid of honour. Annie is stuck in a sex-with-no-strings-attached relationship and is privately devastated that her best friend is getting married. However, she does her best to be supportive. Unfortunately, everything she does goes horribly, horribly wrong. Some scenes are dry-wretchingly reminiscent of American Pie. Everything the new, other best friend does, trumps poor Annie’s thrifty and well-intentioned attempts.

Being Hollywood, there is a happy ending. Go see it with your best girls.

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LOL: The Facebook Song (Are you f*ckin’ kidding me?)

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

For your pleasure, a little song by Brisbane girl, Kate Miller-Heidke about setting boundaries with Facebook friending. (Warning: language).

Have a fabulous Friday.
(With thanks to Reader Nella).

LOL: Buffy v Edward Cullen

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment

This week, I’m bringing the Friday funny forward a day, because you’ll want to watch this again tomorrow. This has been out for a while – apologies for not posting it sooner.

I’ll spare you the thesis, but the person who remixed this content is not only very, very funny, but also effective in showing up the dreadful messages in the Twilight franchise. Stalking is not cool. Having the personality of asparagus is also not cool. Comparing someone to heroin is … you get the idea. I’m sure Stephanie Meyer didn’t intend to include those messages, but they’re there. They don’t matter to people who are all grown-up and in good relationships, but they do matter a lot to more impressionable minds.

Get your blues on this weekend

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

If you’re in Brisbane this Sunday, October 17th, 2010, drop into the Jubilee Hotel anywhere from NOON (correction, not 1:30pm) onwards and support precious Karli by listening to some great bands! These awesome folks are donating their appearance fee. All we have to do is come cheer them on. Entry is free and kids are invited.

If you can’t get down there, but would like to buy raffle tickets or make a donation to the Karli Dyke Foundation, message Yours Truly and I’ll find out more details.

About a year ago, Karli was diagnosed with a form of leukemia. She’s the bravest little critter I know. This Sunday, she turns 9 and she’ll be celebrating in style. (Blues bands playing for your 9th party, how cool is that! I can feel a “Blues Brothers” quote coming on …)

Watch this space, as Karli and her super-mum Suzie might drop by and do a guest appearance on the blog.

The bands:
Transvaal Diamond Syndicate
Morningside Fats
Jimi Beavis
Andrew Baxter
Doug Ford

The venue:
Jubilee Hotel

I hope to see you there!

UPDATE: Big shout out to Spencer Howson on 612 ABC Breakfast for announcing Karli’s gig! [Friday 15 October 2010].

Clare’s Memory Book: last call for stories & craft-lovers

October 8, 2010 4 comments

Today, Greg put up a message on the We Are Praying for Clare Mennis Facebook site, calling for Clare stories. His message is copied below. Admin will also be incorporating comments from my site. Shortly, a few of us will be putting together a memory book, for Clare’s boys – which will be bound – hence, this **final call** for comments / stories / reflections / condolences / prayers / well wishes for the family. Maybe you have some photos or other pictures or drawings for the family. It’s special for them to see their beloved Clare through the eyes of others.

Greg Mennis:- I would love to hear all the stories. This one was great “The children from a class in year one each brought a flower from home
and put together this arrangement, along with shells and blue pebbles,
to represent one of Clare’s favourite places: Sandgate” Greg
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Greg Mennis:- Thank you everyone for all the help, support and especially prayers during Clare’s illness and since her passing. Please share your memories of Clare and what she meant to you. I would like them all collected and bound so that when the boys want to they have something to remember their mother with. This means so much to me and the boys. Thank you, Greg
6 hours ago

As you can see from the photo below, this is what passes for craft at my house. I can make Christmas trees look like cheerful Daleks (the mean robots on Dr Who). So, in all, I might not be the best person to bring onto a craft endeavour. Knowing my limitations, I’m extending an invitation to anyone who is craft-oriented, to offer their services in the making of this special book for the boys. If you have bits ‘n bobs that might lend themselves to a memory book, or have a little time or talent for such a project, I’d invite you to contact Sarah or Genevieve on the We Are Praying site, or send me your contact details through the Message box and I’ll put you in touch.

By way of update (and so we don’t have duplication of effort), Cathy Dunbar’s Tupperware party last Saturday has scored the family some nice gifts, including:

a picnic set, a water cooler & tumblers, a serving dish, & additional tumblers. On top of that, Carmen Rooke (our Tupperware demonstrator and also a Mum at St D’s) put a call out to all the other Reps in her team requesting donations – & she’s had a great response….

The spirit of Mary MacKillop, who is canonised this month, is alive and well: let’s not see a need and do nothing about it.

Have a safe weekend, and please, send in your reflections.

UPDATE: Some very touching comments have come through – thank you. Others feel understandably daunted by the task, so I wonder whether they could perhaps help us with little details, like:
What was Clare’s favourite (and why, if you know):
children’s book
Christmas carol
place in summer
activity in winter
winter dish
cake recipe (include it!)
piece of parenting advice
flower or plant in the garden
craft activity
outfit …
You get the idea. It’s the details that will make the boys’ memory of their mother vivid. Maybe the next playgroup meeting could pass around a piece of parchment and pens, to record these little things that made Clare the person she was. Think back to your own childhood and what you remember of your mother – her slippers and apron, her cooking, the things she said when you were naughty or nice, the sounds and smells of the family home ….

I’ve also had volunteers come forward to help out with making the memory book (thanks, Cathy, Anita & Rosanna) and photos (thanks, Sam). Thank you also to the readers, (many never having met Clare) who continue to offer their Prayers.

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Clare’s day & how to help her family …

October 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Clare’s Rosary and Requiem Mass filled this church (Corpus Christi, Nundah), yesterday.

People found many ways to show they care. The children from a class in year one each brought a flower from home and put together this arrangement, along with shells and blue pebbles, to represent one of Clare’s favourite places: Sandgate. (Thanks Cathy Dunbar & Anita DiBartolo.)

The mass was poignant and beautiful. It was conducted by nine Catholic priests, who clearly knew and loved Clare, including her own brother, Fr Anthony Dunne. The strength, courage and composure of the family was remarkable and inspiring.

Admin for the Facebook page, We Are Praying for Clare Mennis, has invited me to link, so click through and keep up the prayers. There have been almost 400 visits to my own site, specifically to read about Clare.

People have asked me how they can help. Kara has been accepting meals on behalf of the family but needs someone to be a point of contact Mb. 0431942850 (perhaps texting will be better than swamping her with calls?). Alternatively, contact the school office and see if they can store and pass on the meals.

An account has been set up for donations towards a family holiday to Tasmania. Greg mentioned that he would love to be able to take the boys to Tasmania because Clare loved Tasmania so much and it would mean the world to her. It was then when the “take the boys to Tasmania fund” was born. If any of you would like to contribute to the “take the boys to Tasmania fund” please deposit into the following account:
Account Name: IMS Service Centre Social Club
BSB: 014-015
Account: 547627907
Bank: ANZ
Under the DESCRIPTION field when you are transferring you will need to put in “Money for Clare” or “Tasmania” or something similar. For further details please contact John on 0448 841 483 or

Tupperware parties have been held in earnest (thanks Cathy D & Mel) and the hostess gifts are being donated to the family (contact Carmen Mb.0403 825627). Any reps with spare product to donate are invited to contact Tupperware manager, Natasha Y. or Carmen. Every little bit is going to help (4 boys!). Anyone else who thinks they might be able to help in some way, might like to click through to the FB page and message one of the Admins. If you know of other projects underway to help the family, please put details into the Message box and they can be added to the post or comments.

Admin for the Facebook page, We Are Praying for Clare Mennis, is also warmly welcoming people who’ve published Clare stories or comments on my site, to copy and paste their kind words across to the FB page also. If anyone knows of a neat way to copy across the original posts & comments, please let me know.

Everyone’s thoughts, prayers and efforts are greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Mel M (yr 1 St D’s) will be holding the next Tupperware party on Friday, 22 October, 2010
Time: 7pm
Venue: [contact Mel for details] Chermside
Mobile No: 0404 153 001.
If you’ve been needing any Plastic Fantastic, please consider adding it to this order, even if you can’t attend the party itself.

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October 5, 2010 1 comment

In the past day, more than one hundred and fifty people have visited this site to read about Clare. That says something about the person.

I hope the thoughts and prayers of those readers comfort Clare on her journey home and warm the hearts of her family and friends. God bless.

Clare’s Rosary and Requiem Mass is at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday, 6 October, 2010). Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

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