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Curly Question: Explain this to a nine year old girl

Here’s a curly question for your Friday cup of coffee…. How do you explain this advertisement to nine and six year old girls, who happen to pick it up in the mailbox? It was the back cover of a new free mag distributed around Brisbane last week, called Brisbane’s River Wrap Magazine.

Arty, but too much?

The female actor has purple bruises on her face and upper body, suggesting strangulation… The man looks like he forgot to attend a few rehab appointments and didn’t make the cut for MasterChef – or is he advertising kitchen knives? (“Look Mummy, he has the same knife as you…” Hmmm). Or, could this be the cover of the new Spring-Summer catalogue for Relationships Australia?

Sex with knives doesn’t belong on the back cover of a free family magazine. We didn’t ask for it to be in our letterbox.

Thank you so much, Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government for putting funding towards this – maybe you could have some guidelines on how grants-funded projects use the money in appropriate promotions? Just sayin’.

  1. September 10, 2010 at 11:15 am

    Terrible. I wish I could say that children aren’t exposed to this type of thing all the time. And its mostly to sell things. To kids. Kids appetites for material things, for toys, are harvested by big corporations. Its all about their bottom line.

    • September 10, 2010 at 9:54 pm

      David, unfortunately, you’re right – kids are targeted much of the time. In this particular case, people just didn’t think (or care) that kids would be the innocent bystanders – they shouldn’t be seeing this stuff. I was surprised that the council and State government had put money towards this and not considered how appropriately the money had been spent. Shock advertising like this is just not on. We have AO ratings for tv; ratings for movies – maybe we need ratings for advertising material which goes out to the general public too. Thanks for your comment, David.

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