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Clare’s day & how to help her family …

Clare’s Rosary and Requiem Mass filled this church (Corpus Christi, Nundah), yesterday.

People found many ways to show they care. The children from a class in year one each brought a flower from home and put together this arrangement, along with shells and blue pebbles, to represent one of Clare’s favourite places: Sandgate. (Thanks Cathy Dunbar & Anita DiBartolo.)

The mass was poignant and beautiful. It was conducted by nine Catholic priests, who clearly knew and loved Clare, including her own brother, Fr Anthony Dunne. The strength, courage and composure of the family was remarkable and inspiring.

Admin for the Facebook page, We Are Praying for Clare Mennis, has invited me to link, so click through and keep up the prayers. There have been almost 400 visits to my own site, specifically to read about Clare.

People have asked me how they can help. Kara has been accepting meals on behalf of the family but needs someone to be a point of contact Mb. 0431942850 (perhaps texting will be better than swamping her with calls?). Alternatively, contact the school office and see if they can store and pass on the meals.

An account has been set up for donations towards a family holiday to Tasmania. Greg mentioned that he would love to be able to take the boys to Tasmania because Clare loved Tasmania so much and it would mean the world to her. It was then when the “take the boys to Tasmania fund” was born. If any of you would like to contribute to the “take the boys to Tasmania fund” please deposit into the following account:
Account Name: IMS Service Centre Social Club
BSB: 014-015
Account: 547627907
Bank: ANZ
Under the DESCRIPTION field when you are transferring you will need to put in “Money for Clare” or “Tasmania” or something similar. For further details please contact John on 0448 841 483 or john.lives.here@hotmail.com

Tupperware parties have been held in earnest (thanks Cathy D & Mel) and the hostess gifts are being donated to the family (contact Carmen Mb.0403 825627). Any reps with spare product to donate are invited to contact Tupperware manager, Natasha Y. or Carmen. Every little bit is going to help (4 boys!). Anyone else who thinks they might be able to help in some way, might like to click through to the FB page and message one of the Admins. If you know of other projects underway to help the family, please put details into the Message box and they can be added to the post or comments.

Admin for the Facebook page, We Are Praying for Clare Mennis, is also warmly welcoming people who’ve published Clare stories or comments on my site, to copy and paste their kind words across to the FB page also. If anyone knows of a neat way to copy across the original posts & comments, please let me know.

Everyone’s thoughts, prayers and efforts are greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Mel M (yr 1 St D’s) will be holding the next Tupperware party on Friday, 22 October, 2010
Time: 7pm
Venue: [contact Mel for details] Chermside
Mobile No: 0404 153 001.
If you’ve been needing any Plastic Fantastic, please consider adding it to this order, even if you can’t attend the party itself.

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