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Road Test: No mess tomatoes

Yours Truly gets a little bit excited when a product actually lives up to its marketing hype.

Hooray! Truth in advertising ...

I can say that I was hugely impressed with the fact that these tomatoes didn’t turn into sandwich sludge – not even when put in the toasted sandwich maker (aka jaffle maker). They hold firm and seem to last longer than other types of tomatoes, when kept in the specially designed holey plastic bag, in the crisper section of the fridge. The tomatoes cut very easily (even with my perpetually blunt knives), present very well and taste great.

While I don’t personally believe in salad, I’m sure these tomatoes would be great for those who do. They’re not as juicy as other kinds, so they wouldn’t be my first choice for sauces and suchlike. (I’m told, in comments below, that they perform equally well in sauces and cooking.)

No more mushy tomato sandwich nightmares. Enjoy! No Mess Tomatoes, indeed!

UPDATE: I’ve had buckets of people agreeing that these are now their favourite tomatoes! I love a local good-news story. Hats off to Aussie ingenuity.

  1. October 26, 2010 at 1:44 am

    Just letting everyone know that Intense tomatoes actuly have the same juice content as a standard tomato. The juice is just locked in the cells to the tomato. They are actually great for sauces and cooking (hold their shape, with juice running). They also have higher levels of Lycopene (antioxidant).
    So, not only are they great for sandwhiches, they are the most versitile tomato in the market.
    Enjoy and trial different uses for yourself.
    Andrew Philip

  2. October 26, 2010 at 6:34 am

    Have to say I am biased towards these tomatoes as they are grown on a farm just outside of my home town of Childers. It has been quite a success for them and they really are great on sandwiches. For sauces, you can’t beat a good roma tomato.

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