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Jacqueline Howett’s response to a “discusting” book review

In case you hadn’t heard, Jacqueline Howett self-published the unfortunately named book “The Greek Seaman” and more unfortunately still, over-reacted to a reviewer, in what might be the longest tantrum online.

Here’s the original review by Big AL:

If you read The Greek Seaman from the start until you click next page for the last time I think you’ll find the story compelling and interesting. The culture shock felt by the newlywed bride, Katy, who finds herself far from her native England, living on a cargo ship with her seaman husband Don is a good story in itself. Katy adapting to this all male environment with a crew of mixed nationality, most non-English speaking, is compelling. Whether Katy and Don will survive the criminal conspiracies the ship owner and captain have planned is yet another conflict that should keep a reader in suspense to the end.

However, odds of making that final click are slim. One reason is the spelling and grammar errors, which come so quickly that, especially in the first several chapters, it’s difficult to get into the book without being jarred back to reality as you attempt unraveling what the author meant…

Her response:

This is not only discusting and unprofessional on your part, but you really don’t fool me AL.

Who are you any way? Really who are you?

What do we know about you?

You never downloaded another copy you liar!

You never ever returned to me an e-mail

Besides if you want to throw crap at authors you should first ask their permission if they want it stuck up on the internet via e-mail. That debate is high among authors.

Your the target not me!

A little taste of the novel in question:

She carried her stocky build carefully back down the stairs.

Don and Katy watched hypnotically Gino place more coffees out at another table with supreme balance.

I’m not sure I have enough time to read more about this stocky ballerina who marries a seaman. I’m not even sure how one goes about watching someone hypnotically – when I look at my cross-eyed cat for too long, my eyes get watery – does that come close?

Her angry, error-laden responses (see comments), including two F offs in full glory, make one wonder about:

* how a self-proclaimed writer could have such a limited command of language

* why people treat online communication so flippantly (and disregard manners)

* the danger of bias and self-delusion (the deep end of too much positivity, perhaps?).

Sadly for other self-published writers, Jacqueline makes a good case for traditional publishing, where very few writers make it through the hoops of fire.

Google her for more details on how to get her book. Or, you could find a big nest of green ants and roll in it.

  1. Melissah lester
    April 3, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    Oh thank you! Thank you so much. I so needed a laugh this afternoon. I’m going to try and track the “novel” down now. It sounds irresistible.

  2. April 3, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    Do green ants bite more than the normal kind? I’m glad we don’t have any here. I’m currently suffering an invasion from the kind we do have and that’s annoying enough. I wrote my post about this before I’d read the amazon comments on the book, but rather than buying the book I recommend going and reading the five star reviews for entertainment. They may have cleaned them up now, but my ribs were aching with laughter after reading them.

    • April 3, 2011 at 10:28 pm

      Green ants hurt like heck for ages; aggressive, nasty buggers. They’re big, too. They don’t tend to come indoors, at least. Little black sugar ants, on the other hand, invade kitchens and bathrooms, typically before rain. Hope yours leave you alone, soon. Ask them to kindly go next door (leave them drips of honey to lead them to the neighbours, perhaps…).

      I read all the comments on Big AL’s pertaining to Jacqueline’s reactions – what an interesting study in human behaviour (it was certainly more entertaining than reading Rimmon-Kenan on a Sunday).

      I just checked out your blog and have added it to my list of “Cool sites” – you’ve ticked most of my favourite boxes – books, snacks, bookshelves. I dream of owning compactus (or, compacti?) one day, but don’t know how you make those great big metal hulks on rails look appealing.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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